Our founder  is a former master's international student in USA, who faced a lot of challenges in his journey of studying overseas. It took him 8 good years to finally make it to USA. He was denied visa 4 times.In our student visa coaching program, we meticulously coach you on how you can ace your student visa interview, based on the experience our founder went through.
US Student Visa Interview Coaching Program

About the program

This program is for those solely interested in getting student visa to study in USA. In this program we provide you with an intimate 1-1 coaching where we analyze your needs and coach you accordingly in order to ace the international student  visa interview.

What You Get!

  • 3  live sessions via zoom, and each session will last 1 hour.
  • ​We review your DS-160 for any errors and omissions.
  • We analyze your weak areas as well as the strengths and then we tailor our coaching based on your attributes.
  • ​We review your supporting documents to make sure that they meet the visa approval requirements.
  • ​We create different mock interview scenarios for you .
  • ​We provide you with the approval odds score, which is the final rating on your chances of being approved for a student visa after your coaching.
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