Our USA master's study programs are tailored to meet the challenging needs of those who want to study their master's in USA. Our programs are not only meant to help you find affordable schools to study, we coach you how to ace the student visa interviews and MORE IMPORTANTLY, once you are in the US we  offer you FREE training on latest cutting edge IT job skills that will give you an edge when it comes to finding employment in USA. We also help you in finding work after graduation. In our master's studies programs, we basically hold your hand throughout your journey from the start to the time you will be in USA.

We know the struggles international students face in USA, because our founder was once an international student who went through the pain to become a very successful immigrant in USA. We are on a mission to make it easy for international students to smoothly settle in USA and find work in corporate America.

Due to our continued hard work and ingenuity, we have grown into a highly respectable company that provides US master's studies consulting services in the areas of Business and IT.
In case you are not satisfied with our programs, we will refund your full amount within 7 Days with no questions asked!

All our USA graduate study programs have an affordable payment plan!!!..
For any questions send us an email to or call us at 813-573-5619 ext 402.

The Kenya Airlift Master's Program 

About The Program

Our  Kenya Airlift Master's program is a very unique program crafted to fit  those brilliant Kenyans who scored at least a B in KCSE combined with a 2nd class division and have the desire to study IT related Master's programs at select universities in USA.

This program is only open to Kenyan nationalities.

In this program, we source for funding in terms of graduate assistantship awards and unsecured international student loans.

You can learn more about the program by visiting the program portal here

For pricing & more details about the how the program works, please visit the program portal here

The Parallel Airlift Master's Program

About The Program

Our parallel  airlift masters program is for those interested in studying IT or Business related Master's programs in the US and have a qualifying relative in USA who can cosign a loan for them.

Unlike the Kenya airlift program which is specifically for brilliant Kenyans who meet high academic requirements, this program is for anybody who has the  desire to study IT or Business related master's and scored at least a C+ in High School and holds an undergraduate degree in any major.

This program is also open to anybody in the world who meets the minimum requirements.

****PLEASE NOTE, Unfortunately we do not support studies in any other fields apart from Business and IT Master's and we also do not support undergraduate studies.

This is what you get in this program!!!

  • Help in finding affordable schools and the right program for you.
  • ​Help with secured funding through an international student loan that requires a co-signer. If you don't need funding help that is totally fine. You can still join our program.
  • ​Alternatively, we can help you find unsecured  student loan  that DOES NOT require a co-signer if you sit and pass GMAT or GRE exam with a score of 550 or 310 respectively.
  • ​FREE IT Job skills training while in the US so as to have skills necessary for finding work after graduation
  • Help in crafting awesome SOPs needed for graduate school admission
  • Access to  vast GMAT & GRE self-study materials.
  • ​Resume polishing for Graduate Admission
  • ​Extensive Student visa interview coaching
  • ​Guidance on finding affordable accommodation in USA
  • ​Guidance on finding work after graduation.
  • ​Guidance on any pre-requisite undergraduate courses needed for Master's studies.
  • ​Guidance on changing courses of study while attending 
  • ​Guidance on transferring to a different university when you are already in USA
  • ​Guidance on maintaining immigration status as an International student

 Price: USD 1,000

Payable in 2 Installments as below;

  • $500 Upfront
  • $​500 Once visa is issued
For any questions, please email us at
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