Our amazing study in USA  programs are tailored towards actualizing the dreams of  those wishing  to study in USA as International students.  Our founder, Bob Mwiti is a former international student in USA, who faced a lot of challenges in his journey of studying overseas. From being denied visa 4 times, to struggling to find employment after graduation among other challenges. He managed to overcome all that to become a highly respected and successful consultant in areas of IT and higher education. In our programs, we hold your hand and walk you through our founder's proven path of  success.
Student Visa Interview Coaching Program

About the program

This is an amazing coaching program for those solely interested in getting student visa interview coaching. In this program we provide you with an intimate 1-1 coaching where we analyze your needs and coach you accordingly in order to ace the international student  visa interview.
The Kenya Airlift Program

About the Program

This an amazing program exclusively for Kenyan nationals who have a bachelor's degree and are Interested in migrating to USA as international students studying Masters degree in IT.

To qualify for this program, you must have scored at least a B in KCSE combined with a 2nd class division from a recognized university.

You must be willing to study an IT-related master's program in USA.

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