Are you looking for a career path that is fulfilling?. You are at the right place! Whether you want to venture into the tech consulting world, or you wish to study IT or Business master's program in USA, or you want to start or scale your online business to the next level, our mission is to get you to wake up to the unlimited potential within you & achieve what you are truly capable of, through our unique programs. Welcome aboard!

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  • Our trainers are some of the smartest and most experienced IT consultants plying their trade in global implementation projects here in USA.
  • ​Our trainings are very intensive, and we cover the basic information that you need to know all the way up to the advanced level which would make you a successful consultant.
  • ​Our trainings are not just meant to give you the knowledge about a technology, but rather are tailored towards giving you the necessary tools required to get a Job.
  • ​Our trainings are delivered online , which gives you the freedom to go through the course at your most convenient location, and our Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) are structured to challenge and test your deep understanding of the technology.
  • ​Our capstone projects are meant to provide you with challenging global implementations scenarios that reflect the realities of being an IT consultant, and our onsite project support is available for FREE.
  • We focus mostly on STEM & Business Master's studies, and we source for your funding in terms of unsecured international student loans and graduate assistant-ship awards.
  • We help you with relocation expenses by sourcing for loans to take care of your  relocation expenses such as air-tickets, visa fees, immunizations etc.
  • ​We meticulously coach you on how to pass the student visa interview and once you are ready to relocate, we help you in finding affordable shared accommodation in USA.
  • ​We train you as an IT consultant for FREE as you study in USA so that by the time you graduate you will have the skills needed to secure a job in corporate America. Our training programs are on RPA and Data science, and we help you with job placement services once you graduate from school here in USA.
  • ​We will hold your hand for the rest of the time that you will be in America.
  • We bring the unmatched visa interviewing experience of our founder who was denied visa 4 times before finally making it to USA as an international student.
  • We refund part of your coaching fee, if you are denied a student visa as long as you meet the coaching requirements.
  • We understand the pain international students face in seeking a US student visa and therefore our coaching program is very meticulous.
  • We review your DS-160 document and advise accordingly prior to submitting the application for the visa.
  • ​We facilitate payment of the SEVIS fees on your behalf  here in USA so you do not have to figure out how to do it on your own.
  • We have a collection of the best  and most up to date materials that you can get to study for your entrance exams.
  • As a complimentary service, we guide  you on finding affordable schools in USA that partner with lenders who offer unsecured international student loans
  • ​As a complimentary service, we guide you on how to write great statements of purpose (SOPs) necessary for admission into US graduate schools.
  • ​We have mock-up software that you  can use to gauge your progress in your self-study.
  • ​As a complementary, we book the exams on your behalf so that you do not have to do all that by yourself, and therefore you can focus on your studies.

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