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Whether you are in USA or any other part of the world, or you wish to study or migrate to live & work in USA, our mission is to wake you up to the unlimited potential within you & achieve what you are truly capable of through our amazing self-development  IT training programs & study in USA programs. Welcome aboard!

***Download the official Kenya airlift program handbook by clicking here***

Why Choose Our Study In USA Programs?
*We fully understand the challenges international students face and our programs are not meant  just to guide on how to come to the US, BUT also guide you once you are in the US and after you graduate on how to find jobs in the technology industry.
*We provide qualified attorney guidance on immigration matters concerning International students through our Immigration attorneys who are based in USA.
*We provide guidance on how to apply to millions worth of scholarships that are left unclaimed every year.
*We provide you with access to hundreds of some of the most affordable schools here in the US that partner with lenders who offer secured and unsecured loans.
*We provide you with guidance on how to write awesome essays and statements of purpose necessary for admission into the US colleges.
*We understand that most prospective international students' dreams are crushed at the embassy, our student visa interview experts will coach you on how to crack the visa interviews  at the US Embassy.

Why Choose Our High Income IT Skills Training Programs?
*Our trainers are some of the smartest and most experienced IT consultants plying their trade in global implementations projects here in USA.
*We understand that training in a new technology can be a bit challenging, and therefore we provide technical support during the training in case you face any issues.
*All our enrolled students are added into our private Facebook group which contains our current trainees where we share the knowledge and issues related to our training programs.
*Our trainings are very intensive, and we cover the basic information that you need to know all the way up to the advanced level which would make you a successful consultant.
*Our trainings are not just meant to get you the knowledge about a technology, but rather they are tailored towards giving you the necessary tools &  skills required to get a Job.
*Our trainings are self-paced, which gives you the freedom to go through the lessons at your most convenient time of the day.
*Our trainers answer all students questions through scheduled weekly live sessions.
*Our Continous Assessment Tests (CATs) are structured to challenge and test your deep understanding of the technology.
*Our real business case projects are meant to provide you with challenging and complex global implementation that reflect the realities of being an IT consultant.
*Our onsite project support is available for FREE.
Why Choose Business  Training Programs?
*We bring the expertise of our founder on how a successful business can be launched and run.
*Our expert guidance is from years of experience from our founder working in fortune 500 corporations here in America. Our founder brings his expertise learnt from the boardrooms to  your business.
*Our training model is based on the successful path that our company has followed from being non existence a few years ago to being one of the rapidly growing respectable consulting companies owed by an African immigrant in USA.
*We guide you on the technology tools necessary to help you to scale your business to the next level.
*We bring our expertise on marketing content creation, online marketing & presence, social media strategies among others  to help scale your business to the next level.

Key Features Of Our Study In USA Programs
24/7  Access To The Members Area
Continuous Support From The Time You Enroll Until When You Graduate And Get A Good Job  In USA
Access To Our Facebook Mastermind Group Of Like Minded International Students
Access To A Guide Of Over 200 Most Affordable Schools In USA That Partner With Lenders
Guidance On Scholarships Applications
Key Features Of Our High Income IT Skills Training Programs
24/7   Yearly Access To  The Program Content & Practice Systems
Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) & Real Business Case Scenario Assignments
Technical Support During Training & Live Q & A Sessions With Trainers
Post-Completion Resume Polishing & Career Guidance
Job Mock Interviews 
Our Programs Enrollment Process
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